Kevin Cooley - Controlled Burn
Jim Houser
The Marsh Barge - Traveling the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico http://bit.ly/1k5p5Ea via @FecalFace
Ruby’s Room - Photographic Miniatures by @BvZwehl @BarberInstitute until 26 May 2014
John Martin
The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum 
Signed and dated 1822; restored 2011
3 masked children via @porksmith @ReeceShearsmith
Image by artist Kimbal Bumstead http://bit.ly/HorizBack on his journey following the border between USA and Canada to get to NYC
Photo courtesy of @Kassaaaandra - Palace of Versailles http://bit.ly/1lZRFpK
Tad Adam

Nosferatu [Kinski]
by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo
One Leg Extended During Bath Time by Adam Ellis.
Centrum Vitamins – 61 Bottles by Lindsay Mound
Surrealism by Jo In Hyuk
Stone Magnet
by Tyler Spangler