All the flags in the world merged together http://datagenetics.com/blog/september32014/index.html#
RT @BlogYourWorld: A flooded plain… water reflections often look good
'Shopping' by Tyler Spangler
Undertow . 16 x 20 giclee art print
Aria GH-OS-T
Rt @scottywrotem: And for no reason whatsoever here’s the Mona Lisa with Marty Feldman’s eyes
33RPM Moving Turntable via @FestivalNumber6
Giraffe at 30,000 feet
Hexagonal Animation #Gif
Todays #Wave 
She swims with shark

My friends are all colors, even plaid…

Some of my best friends are colours
Via Hands on Family 
Astronaut found
Rt @inthemoodfort: Après moi le sommeil - © Marit Beer @kittylaroar